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Our mission at Hansel Union Consulting, PLLC, is to provide supports to assist children, adults, and families with developmental, intellectual, and neurological disabilities.

Hansel Union Consulting, PLLC was established in 2010 to provide quality, personal Therapeutic Services and was the first organization in Virginia to offer Behavioral, Speech, Recreational, and Occupational therapies in one wrap-around service. Hansel Union Consulting has over 35 years of experience and is dedicated to serving Hampton Roads, surrounding areas, and expanding throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dr. Bobbie Hansel-Union began as a solo behavior therapist working out of her home. Within a year, she was in a small office with 3 other people sharing the same desk. Dr. Bobbie soon realized the demand for services was far more than she could provide and hired an additional behavior therapist. The demand of people needing services grew fast and as more experience was gained, it was soon realized that those we serve needed more than a Behavior Therapist to help replace behaviors of concern with appropriate social behavioral outcomes. People display behaviors of frustration, anger, and stemming as a means to alleviate boredom, to communicate, as a need to self-regulate, and when seeking independence. In 2014 and 2015 respectively, Hansel Union Consulting, PLLC hired its first Certified Recreational Therapist (CTRS) and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and then in 2016, brought on the first Occupational Therapist (OTR).
At Hansel Union Consulting, PLLC, we work as a team to collaborate and provide quality care to the persons and the caregivers we support. Our primary purpose is to enhance the lives of our individuals and provide quality training to the caregivers to help the individuals maintain a quality of life and reach their full potential. We are with them every step of the way from initial struggles to joyous success and through our routine interaction, our clients become our extended family.


what our patients are saying

“Our son Tommy loves both his Speech and Occupational Therapy at Hansel Union. He enjoys the caring interaction with the Therapy team and they are able to keep him focused and working for his entire session. We have seen improvement in both his speech and motor functioning.”

“Hansel Union Consulting was very professional in attending to our daughter. The OT was very knowledgeable about her needs, and was able to help us understand what the challenges are that she faces, in addition to giving us things we could do to help her at home.”

“Staff was helpful for school interventions and suggestions, flexible scheduling, convenient location, and therapist provided home activities and recommendation.” Her grandson received occupational and speech therapy.
“Great program and great staff!” Their daughter receives both direct and consultative services of  occupational, speech, recreational and behavior therapy.

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