“The team at Hansel Union Consulting did wonderful work with my daughter! They are such a great team that we call the Recreation and Behavior Therapists we worked with “The Dynamic Duo!” They have gone above and beyond to help my daughter learn new strategies to use daily! We are extremely pleased with their work and would recommend them to others.”

Mary L. Virginia Beach

“I know many of you are already familiar with Dr. Hansel-Union and her team, but for those of you who are not, I want to pass this along.

I have an individual who I referred over for Behavior, ST, OT, and Rec., Hansel-Union Consulting began working with the young lady about 6 weeks ago. In this short time, there has already been progress in reducing some behaviors.  Their team approach is awesome, they all seem very knowledgeable in their disciplines and really enhance each other.  The mother has hinted that she feels some of the behaviors may be a result of physical discomfort her daughter could be going through which she cannot communicate to others.  In response to this Dr. Hansel-Union asked the mother if she could bring an RN onto the case to add yet another layer of expertise and support, this RN was added yesterday.

I was told behind the scenes that the nurse service is not billable, and they will not be reimbursed for her. Even though this is the case, Dr. Hansel-Union explained that she wants to be thorough in her approach and do what’s right for the success of the individual.  I personally feel they take a spectacular approach that can be used as a model of how our people SHOULD be served!”

Aaron Filippini, BA Virginia Beach

“You have made a difference. Your assistance is timeless for Karen and I. It made me realize that the world is full of resources. Your presence in our lives was Godsent. You made a positive lasting change not only to Karen’s s life but to mine too. You enriched my life and I hold you close to my heart as a person who truly cared. I am your friend for life. Thank you.”

Zine Meki Ph.D. Chesapeake

“Our son Tommy loves both his Speech and Occupational Therapy at Hansel Union. He enjoys the caring interaction with the Therapy team and they are able to keep him focused and working for his entire session. We have seen improvement in both his speech and motor functioning.”

Mark A. Chesapeake

“Hansel Union Consulting was very professional in attending to our daughter. The OT was very knowledgeable about her needs, and was able to help us understand what the challenges are that she faces, in addition to giving us things we could do to help her at home.”

Lynn K. Chesapeake

“Staff was helpful for school interventions and suggestions, flexible scheduling, convenient location, and therapist provided home activities and recommendation.”

Her grandson received occupational and speech therapy.

Diane G. Suffolk

“Great program and great staff!”

Their daughter receives both direct and consultative services of occupational, speech, recreational and behavior therapy.

Melissa D. Virginia Beach

“I wanted to share what a wonderful experience it was to work with Joy and Dr. D! Both are extraordinary professionals and amazing women. I not only received the equipment to make life easier, but I felt as though they were really listening. This is so rare when trying to access services these days. While all of the equipment has changed my life for the better, I have to confess that the eye gaze equipment has made me the most hopeful for the future. I love writing, but I wouldn’t write a lot because it takes so much energy to use my hands. I would not write because I had to type so much for work. Ever since getting the equipment, I have found myself writing more. Since then, I have been asked to become a regular blog contributor for two other organizations other than Roll Called. I am so excited and humbled that my dreams are becoming a reality.”

Angela W.

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